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I've been doing well so far by just easing into it, saying they are very attractive and I'm interested in what they would look like with less clothes, and I give some pics in return. done that one too ftw (btw don't think you're the one to invent that brah) Usually what I do is convo flirt a little then just be like "Send me a pic girl" if she freaks do the "of your face perv..." if she doesn't and just takes a regular pic say "well show me some skin this pic is boringggg" some girls its nearly impossible to get nudes from and have to settle with bra pic its a lot eaiser to get nudes from a girl if you have higher social status than them...

We now have a better way to enjoy free sex chat with other AOSpace members who are currently online if you are logged in as well. You can adjust your own settings as to whether or not you want to get emails from the AO Space system for certain things like when another member sends you a private message.

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You nee to send a live facepicture of you first if you want me to respond at all.

I like trading my wifes nude pics with other like minded guys. I use yahoo instant mesenger so we can share pics, chat about what we like and would like to do to each others wife.

if you go to a different school then it may work if she just thinks you're hot (but beware if she thinks ur hot u can't act like a ***g0t) rules to follow #1 Don't ever jump straight into "send me nudes" #2 Don't say please (#1 fail word if you say it) #3 If she asks if you're just "using her" just say something like "i'm not going to lie and say i don't want to hook up with you, right now i just wanna see what you got" or some mix of that anyways thats my strat I'm sorry - I TOTALLY disagree here.

The new chat room(s) system is live and ready for action! Well yes, it is, and we intend to keep it that way. We hate it, in fact, we fight it every day here and with our other websites, and in our email inboxes, so we don’t want to ever spam anyone either. If you REALLY wanna try to get a girls nudes try playing a game with her. Nude photographs of Madison girls posted on Streetchat, a new social networking app, are being traded like “electronic baseball cards,” according to a concerned Madison parent.So many photos were being posted and reposted under Daniel Hand High School (DHHS) that one anonymous user left the message, “Pornkemon the new trading card game.” “Who has sex pics of hand” “Send me nudies hehehehehehehe” “This is the most beastly app ever made.” “Anyone got either of the _______? ” “Is anyone willing to share the profit with someone who doesn’t have any?” “As soon as we get a handle on how the app works and what it takes to block it (on school grounds) another one comes out,” said DHHS Principal Anthony R. “And they prove even harder to block during the school day.” Streetchat is a local anonymous message board that utilizes geolocation of the users.

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