Seth meyers who is he dating

If you're wondering who Rashida Jones' husband is, stop - she never married!However, Rashida Jones was engaged to music producer Mark Ronson in 2003, but the couple split after one year.frontman Ezra Koenig went public with their relationship.Ezra Michael Koenig is an American musician, singer, and songwriter.Meyers eventually talked about how Trump asked American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan, who is black, to set up a meeting between him and the Congressional Black Caucus.

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"Although, I bet there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in (expletive) January," the talk show host clapped back.''Guys, seriously, do you have amnesia?During his 'A Closer Look' segment, Meyers said: “Look how happy those old white guys are.I guess they’re just happy they passed something other than a kidney stone.We have been here many times before, for like a year and a half now," Meyers said as an introduction to a montage of media personalities talking about Trump's "more presidential" tone last April."And maybe Lucy (from ) really will let me kick the football this time," a skeptical Meyers joked.Before the segment's close, Meyer's warned viewers of Trump's "empty solutions to nonexistent problems.""Let's not get fooled again," he advised.

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