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This casting probably isn't a deliberate attempt to rectify the imbalance — again, Noma is an award-winning actress, so the producers selected her as the best fit for the role.

But it's still notable, and important for every little girl who idolized Hermione but maybe didn't look like Emma.

Q: It is really a different relationship between Ron and Lavender than we’re use to seeing in the books. It needs a new engine and it needs a load of new parts and I’m going to give it a new paint job.

Grint: I think she’s a bit jealous and you can see probably see that in the film ’cause there are a few scenes that suggest she does sort of like Ron and it sort of leads up to the seventh film. I thought it was really good and I really liked the ending myself. I’m not really consciously thinking about it ’cause I’m doing this but it’s the first time we’ve really known where it’s going to go.

The familiarity, of course, comes from the stellar cast whose willingness to stay together for eight movies is, frankly, something that may never be repeated.

Emma Watson, Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright‘s performances were epically more mature in than films past.

You see, in addition to Jamie Parker taking on the role of Harry and and Paul Thornley playing Ron, Noma Dumezweni will play Hermione.

And while the eight films were beloved by millions of Potterheads, they're only one interpretation of the beloved books.

Emma is and always will be a great Hermione Granger, but she's not the only girl who has ever pretended to be the cleverest witch of her year.

I guess we'll see lot about her in the next few months...

As well as a role in Wallace and Gromit, she'll also star in the next Harry Potter film as Ron Weasley's girlfriend Lavender Brown - which hits the cinema in 2008.

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