Premier league dating site

To watch NBC Sports, you will need a VPN service with servers in the US.

The league made the decision to sell broadcasting rights to a company that has now helped broadcast the league worldwide.• Get the data • Get the 2011/12 data It's that time of year again - the Guardian's review of the annual Premier League accounts is here.It shows that in 2012-13, the 20 top-flight clubs generated a record-beating combined income of 2.7bn, however collectively the Premier League clubs made a loss of £291m.Despite this, players and other staff have done well - the wage bill for Premier League clubs totalled a record £1.8bn in 2012-13, up 11% on the previous year.David Conn writes today: Players earning multi-million pound salaries were again football's clear financial winners, in a year when the clubs made a record £2.7bn combined income, yet nevertheless made a loss overall, of £291m.

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