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Nostalgia Critic: Santa Christ, I need your help on something. Santa Christ: Well last I heard, she was flying 35,000 feet through the air completely set on fire. Nostalgia Critic: You're not gonna be on my side, are you? I just threw out this really annoying person named Hyper Fangirl. Nostalgia Critic: She tried to make me appreciate Christmas. Since then she’s had ‘virtually no pain in my head, which was almost constant before.’ Pretty crazy, right?

Although the material contained very few ‘revelations’ for me, I felt that it was well organized and clearly communicated.Well, there are pubic lice, and I suppose that's what the writer was referring to, but I can't imagine they'd live long in the mouth.But I see a much bigger problem with the physics here. and then a pimple formed on her face and she popped it and hunbdreds of tiny spiders came scurrying out.In addition further guidance is available from the Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit relating to skin piercing.The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has also published comprehensive guidance that covers these practices (and other similar treatments) 'Body Art, cosmetic therapies and other special treatments' (ISBN 1-902423-80-1).

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