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If you like to have video chat online, especially with strangers, whether you have a web cam or not, you can check below 10 websites, which are great video chat rooms for you to do that, and they are all free to use, though you can have more features if you pay for some of them.

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This morning, New York City-based chat company Paltalk is releasing a version of its multi-person video chat service on the Web in beta.

Called Paltalk Express, it is a Flash version of the company’s download client.

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I'll go over a lot of things, seeing as people seem to want to know all about webcams! I've included a screenshot of Photo Booth, the bundled Mac program which came with your computer (if you have a Mac with a webcam), and a photo of the i Sight camera on a Mac Book.

A chat the company hosted with William Shatner had 8,000 people in it.

You can chat only via text, or if you have a Webcam set up, you can make your video stream available.

While the front end is Flash/Flex, the back end is built on Paltalk’s proprietary technology, which allows up to thousands of people to participate in a video chat session at the same time.

The company will be releasing embeddable widgets in the coming weeks, putting it in competition with Meebo, Tokbox, Userplane, and others.

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