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You can drop in and out," says Stacey Schulman, executive VP at ad firm Katz Media Group.

As old shows live on in so many delivery platforms, "people are discovering (or) rediscovering old series" and may have interest in a newer version.

What's your thoughts on classic VH1 reality shows like Flavor of Love, I love New York , Charm school, Fit club etc I loved those trashy shows. Flavor/Rock of Love (even though Bret was a bore), I Love New York, Charm School, I Love Money, where usually entertaining to watch. Charm School had Hottie who was one of the best characters ever on a show.

Couldn't stand to watch the ones with Daisy and Megan. On one of the show, they did a fashion show and one team chose a fat girl to represent them. These shows ended because the contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire killed his girlfriend and then himself during that show's airing.

C., a favored phrase of Myers' Simon character — Arnett revels in the attention. It challenged the idea of a variety show," Arnett says.

Even her own teammates turned against her during the judging. I almost died when she said she looked like Beyoncé and NY told her she looked like Luther Vandross. R14 You could drive a mack truck in between her cleavage. I remember when tried selling her clothes (couture, she claimed) on Charm School at a thrift shop for achallenge, but the people refused to take them because they were stained and smelled. So they canceled that show mis-season without full airing a sap well as a whole unaired season of I Love Money which he reportedly won. Everyone is turnt up to 11 to get the most screen time.

It was obvious she was much more educated the other others (although NY is certainly no idiot). And future Oscar winner Mo'nique hosted a season of charm school, no? What I saw was New York screaming at Claudia while Karamao, the gay guy from the Real World, clutched his pearls.

Then they go on TV and all three of the guys (or girls) are given quotes from the three they dated and have to pick who said what. Also he kept things from getting TOO nasty if one date went terribly wrong (although those were the funniest).

It all led to some truly funny stories about the dates. Also I hate these shows that go out of their way to humiliate people--this show didn't.

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