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“But there are also some who try very hard only to get rejected over and over again from even first dates.” He might be lacking in confidence because the last woman (or women) he went after gave him the cold shoulder—or worse.

“I think we spend a lot of wasted time trying to be someone the woman wants,” Charles says, “And lose confidence when it doesn't work.”“Most guys struggle to communicate (worse now with media/texting),” Mark says.

Keeping yourself available to be at a guy's every whimsical beck and call is no way to live.

Fact is that if you follow wherever he leads, you'll never have a healthy relationship - start as you mean to go on, and know how to stand on your own two feet before falling head over heels in love with an unworthy guy.

But not when the one you like is blowing hot and cold with you.

When both of you have secret interactions through eyes or subtle gestures at times and then completely ignore each other at other times, you’re building up a flirty game of mixed signals.

You're waiting for the invitation to join their buddies..never arrives. Telling your mutual friends how much they are into you. So, you allow yourself to like them back, properly. Have you been friend-zoned without it being made explicit? This can act the other way around, but it's super frustrating hearing from your buddies how much the guy/girl you like is RAVING about you, and then when you're together, it just seems a bit..

When you tactfully point out this was not the line they spun you in the first place, they shrug and say they guess they were "repressed". They sound like a great bunch and you can't wait to meet them. You drop hints, you nod along pleasantly when you are told of the weekend's plans. They are the one who is saying how much they REALLY like you. Then they get cold feet, start talking about "not wanting to be tied down", as if you have a degree in BDSM. Last week they were declaring marriage, all you're asking is for them to hold your hand in the park and they're like "WOAH, this is moving too fast! Is this their way of saying they're just not into you? There's a bit of a disconnect between what your mutual friends are telling you and how your new squeeze is acting when it's just the two of you.

Suddenly you're all, like, walking on clouds and swinging around lampposts and feeling good about the world.

He/she does something which totally doesn't correlate to all prior behaviour.

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