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He became the first murder suspect in Quebec to be set free as a consequence of the court ruling, known as the Jordan decision.Crown officials in Quebec are appealing the Superior Court decision that stayed the proceedings.Thanabalasingam is still protected by Canada as a refugee, so it is unclear if and how he will be deported.The immigration board member ordered him to remain in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency.

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In April 2012 we launched a campaign about an injured elephant at Pinnewala called Mihiri – see this report Our Sri Lanka team has produced a video documenting tourist contact with elephants at Pinnewala – watch it here Report by David Jay The Pinnewala Sanctuary is just off the main road from Colombo to Kandy, and is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular animal attractions.

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making the island a politically and administratively single unit.

Ms Satkunarajah has lived in the UK since she was 12 years old, when her parents fled the Sri Lankan Civil War.

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