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The flight of the Indian men to the war ravaging in Levant points to a phenomenon which has already drawn in over 12000 fighters from 83 countries.It has however put India on a list of potential Jihadi risk that has intelligence and security agencies in Europe to Australia, America to Indonesia hitting the panic button, worrying on the threat that these radicals pose: inspired by weapons training and Jihadist acts and returning home to commit acts of terrorism. Until now there was an understanding that Syria is geographically far from India and the conflict does not have any impact on the domestic matters of the country.While terrorist plots against Western targets have continued to emerge, the principal threat to Western interests today is posed by increasing instability within the Middle East, which jihadi groups have exploited for their own benefit.Today, this instability plagues the heart of the Middle East, stretching across Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and encompassing the border regions of southern Turkey and northern Jordan. In July, a group of four young men from Mumbai- the urban metropolis of India-left their pilgrim troupe visiting religious shrines in Baghdad, Iraq and changed routes to the northern city of Mosul to join the Islamic State.

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Even earlier, Agatharchides, who lived in Egypt in 120 BC, wrote that the “ Omani sailors had a reputation for bravery in facing the mountainous seas and other terrors of ocean-going travel and had an unrivalled knowledge of seasonal weather patterns, as well as of astronomy and the art of navigation.

Until then a shadowy figure, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — often call “the ghost” by secret agencies — was much of a mystery to the entire world.

By the time “Caliph Ibrahim” made his first public appearance on July 4, IS controlled territory stretching from al-Bab in Syria’s Aleppo governorate to Suleiman Bek in Iraq’s Salah ad Din province, over 400 miles away. Imprisoned in 2004 and let off as an innocent in December 2009 by the Americans, Baghdadi led ISIS to spectacular success in no time.

We bring together the visual arts with other forms of artistic expression, hosting innovative performances, film screenings, concerts, and cultural events.

Our vision of a home for the arts and artists from Jordan and the Arab world develops and evolves in parallel with the changing art scene of the Arab world and the needs of the artists. In 1988, Suha Shoman took the lead in directing activities in the field of the arts at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s Scientific and Cultural Centre in Shmeisani, Amman.

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