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In recent years there has been growing concern all over the globe about marine pollution due to persistent organic pollutants.

Sixty-five SHRIMP U–Th–Pb analyses of these zircons define three age groups of 2.84–2.91, 2.36, and 1.96 Ga."Watching this makes my blood boil, I'll never fly United Airlines," commented Anh Trang Khuya on Facebook, the most widely used social media platform in Vietnam. Kentucky's medical board website shows that a doctor David Dao graduated in 1974 in Ho Chi Minh City - then known as Saigon and the capital of U. media of an offence that had led to Dao losing his medical licence in 2003 were dismissed in Vietnam as a probable smear campaign. Dao didn't do anything wrong on that flight and that's the main thing," wrote Clarence Dung Taylor in a post that had more than 4,000 likes.S.-backed South Vietnam before its defeat and the reunification of Vietnam under communist rule a year later. Vietnamese media said that Dao was also a songwriter and crooner of soulful ballads - including one about the memory of rain falling in Saigon. The attitude to the case shifted dramatically in Vietnam once it was reported that Dao was not from China - an ancient enemy with which Vietnam continues to have a maritime dispute over the South China Sea.Around that time, Dao left for the United States, according to U. When initial reports had suggested the man being dragged from the plane was Chinese, some Vietnamese had posted strongly unsympathetic comments about him. "Now they know he's Vietnamese, most people stand up to advocate.Whether it's Vietnamese or Chinese, there'll be discrimination as we're Asian." Michael Catalini There's Governor Chris Christie, lounging in a beach chair in the Oval Office.

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